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Vernon Architects

NBR has worked with Vernon for many years as an architect and owner representative. We have designed, refurbished and upgraded the systems in multiple projects. This work included chiller and cooling tower replacements, BMS controls, units upgrade and general tenancy fit out.

Total Value: $2M

Rendezvous Hotel

The Rendezvous Hotel consisted of multiple modifications made to the existing project. In the construction process, NBR managed to reduce existing costs and install the required components as well as supplying an additional chiller. All this work involved a successful cost reduction.

Total Value: $2M

Sodexo Services

NBR has completed work in routine preventative maintenance at the Sodexo Sydney Facility. Over the course of work, the facility received maintenance of the whole system. This included CRAC units, boilers, chillers, BMS, refrigeration equipment and essential services including backup generators. NBR provided continual service until operation was ceased.

Total Value: $85, 000 P.A

Pfizer Global Manufacturing

A wide scope of works has been completed for the Pfizer factory in Ryde. Chiller & C/T Replacement. Since pharmaceuticals are manufactured, downtime is critical and conditions must be maintained with very little tolerance. 3 old type chillers were replaced with new power pax type chillers resulting in zero downtime with 30% in energy running cost.

Total Value: $1.4M plus ongoing routine preventative maintenance

Homart Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

For this project, various works were carried out ranging as far as electrical wiring. In particular, gas powered chillers, air handlers, ductwork, chilled water piping, insulation and dehumidifiers were installed. Additionally, BMS as well as electrical wiring and controls were inaugurated to serve new production facilities. The opening of Homart Pharmaceuticals was carried out by the Australian prime minister as well as the premier of NSW.

Total Value: $700, 000