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In house qualified engineering staff combined with decades of field experience gives us the edge in providing this service. As a result, this accounts for the majority of our workload. We are able to discuss the clients requirement, inspect existing equipment, carry out a heat load and design a system that is practical sustainable and on budget.


Over the course of the past 30 years, NBR has carried out many successful air con and refrigeration projects. These tasks cover a broad spectrum of services - these include fit outs, new installations, chillers, cooling towers, controls and BMS.
In regards to standards, NBR has been in business with many reputable manufacturers, allowing for a strong working relationship. These manufacturers include Power Pax, Actron Air, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu. For difficult projects, NBR guarantees a good job by providing a completely customisable work kit.


Planned Preventative

In order to suit operation and budget, NBR is able to provide either a proactive or run to fail approach. In the case of proactive approach, a comprehensive report is prepared based on the life expectancy of the equipment and a replacement plan is devised. On the other hand if the equipment is no longer economically viable to repair, NBR will conduct a run to fail approach.

Testing and Certification

Nowadays, certification is a critical component of the construction process. The majority in the industry require an annual compliance certificate. In the process of attaining this certificate, NBR devises a fire damper testing schedule, stairway pressurisation system and finally a smoke spill system in conjunction with other fire services.

Safety Compliance

All of NBR's installations and ongoing maintenance and repairs are carried out in accordance to work, health and safety (WHS) regulations. As well as the many years of experience, NBR has undertaken additional induction safety courses that are site specific. By doing this, NBR minimises risk and ensures efficient and safe working standards.


NBR has ensured that all employed technicians are licenced to handle CFC Refrigerant. This means that the required equipment such as recovery machines and vacuum pumps is carried at all times to comply with Australian Refrigerant Council.